About Us

We are a business corporation with 14 years of experience. We have focused on meeting the global market's needs in terms of information and telecommunications technologies ( in different specialized sectors).

We have expanded into new sectors during our growth:

• Innovative food markets. 
• IT Solutions.
• Sports and entertainment.
• Construction & maintnance services.
• Pet industry.

Constantly evolving to build our legacy with an international vision that connects opportunities, necessities, wills, and capacities in a synergetic way between Mexico and Canada.

Who are we?

The synergy that moves the world!




Epsilon Integra Trade

Is a Canadian company with direct presence in Mexico, dedicated to import fresh and processed foods without brokers; directly from growers, packings, and manufacturers from Mexico. Our experienced team provides you with a complete technical and logistical market knowledge and the capacity to access the best suppliers with the best conditions.

- We want to complement the Canadian supply chain for food products with quality, service and competitive prices in the benefit of our customers.

- We are specialized in avocado: conventional & organic, avocado pulp (frozen), guacamole (frozen) and avocado oil. As well as in dehydrated products, and fresh products such as: blue and black berries, red, yellow and orange bell peppers.

- We have solid experience sourcing the North American market, sound business capabilities and strong foundations to successfully participate in the Canadian food market.


Our smooth and creamy avocado pulp (frozen) is made from delicious 100% Hass avocado. It is healthy topping or time-saving base for your own signature guacamole, dip or sauce. Also offers:

- %99.29 Hass avocado.
- Get consistent pricing, quality and availability all year around.
- Improved food safety due High Pressure Processing (HPP).
- Free of artificial color or flavor.
- Perfectly ripe, right when you need it.
- No pitting or scooping, reduce labor and waste.
- Satisfy patrons looking for healthy options.
- Kosher, FDA, BRC, and Halal Certified. 


Our authentic and delicious guacamole recipe is made from delicious 100% Hass avocado and fresh ingredients with the authentic Mexican flavor. It is perfect healthy snack for any occasion. Our Guac also offers:

- Made of 100% Hass avocado.
- Get consistent pricing, quality and availability all year around.
- Ready to use after thawed. Improved food safety due High Pressure Processing (HPP).
- Free of artificial color or flavor. Kosher, FDA, BRC, and Halal Certified. 

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We are an enterprise with more than eight years of experience in the technology & consulting sphere consolidated founded by entrepreneur partners that average more than 20 years of experience in projects of great magnitude for the Mexican Government. Since our origins, our main concern has been the satisfaction of our clients. That is why we participate actively in every project, advising offering a wide variety of possibilities to guarantee a high quality service seriousness.



Help Desk: We provide specialized services in the management and solution of incidents related to information technology to increase productivity and the satisfaction of internal and external users.

Logical & physical security services: We plan and implement security solutions with cutting-edge technology, complementing the security spectrumforyour company.

Telecommunications & webs: We have extensive experience in this type of project, from architecture & design implementation, legal care, monitoring, maintenance & guarantees. Our projects are key in hand of your financial project. 

Data Center: These are focused on helping our clients increase the availability of their applications and the integrity of their information, guaranteeing the growth and continuity of their operations.


Rental, Sale & Support of Administered Services: We seek to provide appropriate technologies to increase the productivity and satisfaction of internal and external users.

Consulting: We carry out training, development and research programs to different government agencies and private companies in projects from different verticals such as agribusiness, education and health, to name a few.

Software factory: We are specialized in the management, solution and implementation of Software from a functional point of view that complies with the strategic plans ofyour business. 




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We are the most important Pro Football League in Latin America.

We transform & inspire the life of people through football.

Putting together communities in the joy of the game. With our teams the excitement of the games, we offer first class entertainment.

We are a global project with the goal of being a positive change factor in the society through football.











Gallos Negros







Teams Map



The LFA Draft has the goal of selecting the best talent coming out of college football to play for one of the teams that inte gra te the league. Our alliance with the CFL gives the chance to some of our players to assist at the CFL Global Combine in Toronto, which gives them the opportunity to play in one of the biggest professional football leagues world wide. The players that are selected are known as MexICan Stars.

MexICan Stars

These are some of our players who have been selected to play in Canada.


Sergio Schiaffino


Guillermo Villalobos


Jair Viamontes


Andrés Salgado


Client Client Client Client Client Client

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Fundidores de Nuevo León

Founded on September 29th, 2016 in Monterrey, Nuevo León entering the Professional Football League in Mexico.

Our traditional colors are black and yellow.

We proudly represent the entrepreneur spirit that placed Monterrey as one of the most important industrial cities in Latin America

Professional Football Team

During the year we organize free events for the community and fans, beneficiating more than 15 000 people. 

We visit with our sponsors and media more than 100 schools and colleges during the year. Having an impact on more than 100 000 kids from elementary school through high-school.

Our clinic programs in the metropolitan area of Monterrey do more than 50 activities per year.



Sports have a unique way of making a positive impact in society, helping children, boosting economies and encouraging people to be extraordinary along with being proud of their city.

The Monterrey Fundidores are one of the strongest pro football franchises in Mexico, changing the history of football in Monterrey through their visits to the different pop warner clubs, becoming a social change factor through football. Developing, not only better players, but better people for the Mexican society.

Fundidores - CFL

Our current owner, Óscar Pérez, began the conversations with the Canadian Football League (CFL) to try to reach an agreement where Mexican talent could have the chance of being selected to play for one of the teams.

Fundidores has been one of the most successful teams at the Combine, exporting 6 players to Canada in 2019 Currently, José Maltos is representing Mexico and Fundidores playing for the Ottawa Redblacks.

Monterrey was also the site were the last LFA-CFL Combine was held, this year Fundidores sent defensive back Diego Avendaño to the CFL tryout in Toronto.


Client Client Client Client Client

Client Client Client Client Client

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R-Quibic Cleaning Services is a local company established in 2020 and we provide services of the highest quality in cleaning such as Commercial Services, Office Cleaning, Post Construction Cleaning, Residential Cleaning, Power and Carpet Cleaning in the Lower Mainland. We are completely ready to work and offer you a premium service throughout every part of the work.

Before we start any project all of our cleaners are thoroughly trained on how to perform each cleaning task, as well as on important safety issues. Our goal is to clean each property professionally and safely. During the project We know being able to count on receiving dependable, worry free service from their construction cleaning contractor is important to every customer.


• Office Cleaning: Choose R-Quibic from a one time cleaning for your office, or schedule regular appointments to get amazing deals. Whether it's conference rooms, community centres club halls, waiting rooms, or offices, we have a customized cleaning solution.

Carpet Cleaning: In R-Quibic our carpet cleaners use a combination of clean solution, scrubbing brushes and vacuum suction to provide the best results.

Short term rental AirBnB cleaning: Our R-Quibic team will clean your rental thoroughly, removing all signs of previous stays using the best products, let us help you keep your place ship shape and your guests comfortable with our Airbnb cleaning services.


• Condo apartment cleaning: In R-Quibic specialized condo cleaning methods accomplish just that, with the best cleaning products that leave behind zero toxins, chemical residues or odors, we understand that living in an apartment building can contribute to more dust accumulation and poorer air quality than traditional homes due to centralized, shared ventilation systems.

Pressure washing: In R-Quibic we know that keeping your home clean not only keeps you feeling happy, but will extend the life of your home and increase its value. We make sure to use safe and approved cleaning products, while allowing the real work to be done by the power of the water. We can offer both high pressure washing and low pressure washing. We are experienced and know how to protect your home and property from damage, while removing all the bad stuff that you don’t want.

Post construction cleaning: In R-Quibic we understand most of the homes are covered with gypsum wallboard, which is commonly known as drywall, which is easily damaged through the natural course of everyday living. We customize our services for each client, as every situation requires unique processes and applications.

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The Pet Shop Club

The Pet Shop Club is an exciting boutique, spa and daycare for dogs in Vancouver, British Columbia and international jet setters. We are prepared and ready to take care of your furry friend to make sure it’s as comfortable as possible and that it has a happy time while being with us.


Grooming: Our specially trained groomers are focused on skillful hand scissoring techniques, specifically on curly coats, wavy coats, and drop coats, learning how to create a 3 dimensional or spherical look. They are highly skilled in hand stripping and full body hand scissoring.

Pet teeth cleaning: Good oral care can help your pet live a longer and healthier life Bones and treats alone won’t keep your dog’s teeth healthy. Most domesticated pets need professional scaling, flossing and polishing to keep their teeth in prime shape Dreaded “doggie breath” is usually the result of gas given off by bacteria that live in your pet’s mouth. The more bacteria your cat or dog has in his/her mouth, the more severe the odour.

Loose leash program: This is a 10 day program, where we give your dog extra care and attention through one on one training walks. Towards the end of the program, we slowly increase the number of other dogs they are walked with and by the end of the program, most dogs can successfully and comfortably walk in a group.

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México: Uxmal 732, Col. Letran Valle, Alc. Benito Juárez, Ciudad de México 03650

Vancouver: 935 Sauve Court North Vancouver, BC Canada V7K3C

Monterrey: Zaragoza #705 Colonia. Palo Blanco, San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León. CP : 66236